the rage cage truck outside on a nice day with people relaxing on the yard

About rage cage

Hey! Welcome to The Rage Cage; we love that you want to hear more about us. We’re pretty self-explanatory….we exist to let you rage! Over the last few years Bay County and the surrounding areas have dealt with massive amounts of stressful and high-impact situations. With our help, everyone can decompress and start to relax again!

We really wanted to give people a place to take out anger and frustration in a safe and fun way. Come on in, smash some things after a bad day, after a good day, or even for a first date! What started as a mobile business has since led us to sign a lease in the downtown Panama City area! Our journey started here on Harrison Ave. January 2024!  

Interested in booking us for your event? No matter your needs,  wedding, student event, or even a corporate luncheon… we will completely SMASH your expectations! Fill out the form and let’s get you raging!


Talk about a stress reliever!! This is the best place to just let it out. Pick your object (bat, shovel, golf club, wrench or crowbar) and smash everything to pieces. It's the best 20 min of your life!
Katherine Clemons
Fantastic time !!! Great staff !!!
Lyndsey Gibson
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